Expect The Best

I was recently dealing with a situation that I was dreading. I hate confrontations!!! However, in my growth I’m learning that is it important to get my feelings out and let people know how I feel. Suppressing things is not great because eventually it will come out good or bad!!! After I had rehearsed everything in my head that I would say to the person and even wrote some things on paper, I got there and the conversation didn’t even happen. We started talking about everything else and then when I was about to bring the conversation up the person said “are we talking about today or the past”. At that moment I froze thinking is it even important at this point especially when the things I was praying for was happening before my eyes. It was if God had went before me and had a conversation with this person and they heard him. The things I wanted more in this relationship was happening and the person clearly understood my feelings, so the conversation wasn’t needed. I went expecting the worst, I thought if I brought up my feelings it would damage our relationship and the things we were working on. However, God already had it handled!!! And when people really love you, they won’t end your relationship even if you do have to discuss difficult things. So today I want you to stop expecting the worst and instead expect the best!!!