Dunyell Dawson also known as Dee Dee is a writer, poet, motivational speaker, aspiring author, and mother of three.  She’s also an advocate for Domestic Violence and Mental Health.   Dunyell’s passion is writing!!! So after the encouragement from family and friends she started this blog in which her daughter named it DD Soapbox.  Dunyell loves faith based, inspirational, and self help books which has gotten her through a lot of hard times in her life from surviving child sexual abuse, domestic violence, and divorce to name a few.  She created this blog to give back and to help others!!!  Dunyell feels that writing is her gift and that God really pours into her when she writes.  She will use this platform to share these intimate moments with you.  Dunyell hopes to inspire, encourage, motivate, provoke your thinking, inform you, and sometimes make you laugh!!!


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