Don’t Let Your Pain Be In Vain!!!


We all have endured some type of pain and as long as we are living we will.  It’s just apart of life, it comes with the territory!  When you think back over your life, what are some of the greatest pains you’ve endured??? Did you triumph in the end or did you crash and burn???  We all have a choice, we can become bitter or better!!!  I choose better, what good is it to me or others to walk around bitter and mad at the world.  God whispered to me when my father died “you are blessed but not exempt”.  It was hard for me to receive but in the end those words were true.  Whether you’ve experienced physical pain as a result of abuse, assault, sickness, terminal illness, injury, or some incurable disease, and emotional pain from heartache, mental/emotional abuse, the loss of a loved one, loss of a child, loss of a spouse, divorce, job loss, foreclosure, rape, abortion, miscarriage, bad childhood, financial hardship, business loss, repossession, etc.  Or maybe you’ve experienced both emotional and physical pain at the same time, and you are able to check off multiple reasons for your pain from the list above.  Some pain is temporary and it can be relieved/eliminated.  Yet some pain we just learn to live with, it just gets lighter and it no longer controls us.  I think of a mother who recently suffered the loss of her teenage daughter to murder, every time I think of her or read her post my heart aches for her.  I can’t even imagine her pain and on top of that she found her daughter covered in blood.  The person/persons responsible still haven’t been caught and we are still praying for #justiceforRandisha.  I think back on my recent vacation as me and my best friend shared tears talking about the many loved ones we have loss to death.  When I think of the world at large, the things we are ourselves are dealing with, the things our family/friends are going through, pain is everywhere!!!  What are we going to do with our pain??? What are you doing with your pain??? I’m not telling you not grieve, not to cry, or not to take time out to heal, you have too!!!  However, just don’t stay down.  Don’t let the pain win!!! As my cousin would say when you look back over your life, God’s track record speaks for itself, he is faithful, and he has never left you nor forsaken you.  So stop listening to the enemy and the lies in your mind that tell you will never get through this.  You will!!!  When you get a shot at the doctor and you feel the pain that comes along with it, you take it because you believe it will make you feel better.  Or when you sign up for surgery knowing all the pain that will come with it, you don’t do it for nothing, you are expecting it to fix your problem.  The benefit outweighs the risk and pain!!!!  When we exercise and we are sore for days, we do it because we want results!!!  We we endure pain in our relationships or even with our children, its because we love them, we are not giving up on them, and we ultimately have faith that greater is coming and things will work out!!!  All pain is for a purpose, so transform your pain into your purpose.  Whatever you’ve been through or going through it will be your greatest ministry, somebody needs your help, your story.  Who wants to go through pain for nothing???  Don’t let your pain be in vain!!! Let it fuel you into doing great things:  write a book, start a career, start an organization, start a support group, start a walk/run for your cause, take your pain to Washington, D.C. and let it be heard by changing a law or implementing a new one, write a movie/play, act, sing, dance, develop a business,etc.  If you had a bad childhood be a better mom, and help other youth experience a great childhood.  If you’ve experienced divorce don’t give up on marriage everybody ain’t the same, use what you’ve learned to have a greater marriage and be a better spouse than before, and help people who are struggling in their marriages.  We have to share our knowledge, keeping it to ourselves is selfish, go help somebody else. People need your knowledge in all areas from financial, health and wellness, spiritual, relational, etc.  Pay it forward!!!  Whatever you do, don’t let your pain be in vain!!!        







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