Giving is the foremost important principle in life and once you can grasp the concept I believe your life will be more abundant and fulfilling.  If you think about it the  most wealthiest people are givers, even the people I know in my life who are doing well financially are givers also.  Happy, Healthy, and Whole people are givers too! I was at church one day and the pastor preached on given out of poverty and how GOD was more pleased by the gift of the woman who gave out of poverty.  Poverty can mean poor as in financially and someone can also be poor in spirit and in other aspects. I pondered on that message more and it was clear to me. Yes you take someone who may be very wealthy, giving money is not really a big deal yet to someone who doesn’t have much it is. You take a person that is depressed and poor in spirit it takes more for them to uplift someone else.  In other words all giving is great however when you give at a capacity that causes you to reach even deeper or give something that you really don’t have or lack GOD honors that even more. You are at that point stepping out on Faith and believing that GOD will show up and show out!  After I heard that message it changed my mindset I realized that I didn’t have to wait until I became rich or gained a certain level of success.  I started giving what I had to give because no matter who we are or how bad or good our circumstances are we all have something to give and we all want more.  I starting looking for people to help and opportunities that would allow me to give.  It doesn’t always have to be money, give your time, your talent and skills, a listening ear, your company, your help, kind words, prayer, love, a meal, clothing, food, shelter, care, and yes the money you are holding on to as well.  I challenge myself to give, sometimes I may want to hold on to money, clothing, or other stuff that I have yet I can’t remember the last time I wore it or used it.  I make myself give it away, and I teach my children to give as well.  I give to organizations and causes that I’m passionate about.  I also learned to give things that I would want, it may cost a little more but the joy, the smile you place on that person’s face is priceless.  Giving does something to your soul, and if you ever need a quick pick me up trying the gift of giving.   We have to give what we want, its all in the law of attraction.  If you want love give it, it you want money give it, if you want a friend be a friend, if you want help then help someone else; its really that simple.  You also have to learn to give with no strings attached, not expecting anything back but a thank you because your reward comes from GOD not man.  Let me be transparent with you I’m still struggling just a little in that area but GOD is working on me.LOL  The way he shows me is by the people that he has placed in my life that are blessings to me.  I don’t talk to them everyday or even every week, I don’t visit with them often, and they require nothing of me.  They are truly the epitome of Agape love and they are Givers.  It has been times when they have blessed me unexpectedly and simply said GOD told me to bless you and there are times when I have asked them for help.  They still responded the same way, they didn’t require anything of me in return.  So when I do something for someone and I start thinking they owe me something, or let me hold this over their head, GOD quickly reminds me of the people who have helped me.  The main purpose that we were put here on earth for is to serve others!  And GOD is so good and faithful that when we give, we receive.  We really don’t miss a beat, everything you give comes back in some capacity.  If you don’t want to want for anything, give as much as you can.  Your giving are the seeds you plant, and you will reap a harvest.  Make sure you are sowing seeds in good ground and not barren land.  Ask GOD who to help and how, use discernment and wisdom.  And start giving!!!  Eyes haven’t seen, ears haven’t heard!  In the last year I have seen a preview of what GOD can do, unexpected blessings, checks in the mail, people calling just wanting to bless me in some way, things that I needed someone came and blessed me with, things that I helped others with someone came right back and blessed me in the same manner, and the list goes on.  And I’m still in expectancy because I know I haven’t even reached the big tickets items that GOD has promised me.  I’m exciting just thinking about it! I have clothes in my vehicle right now waiting to be dropped off next week to the shelter, and I’m still thinking of other ways I can give and who I can help.  GOD will test you, sometimes he will speak so clearly do this or give this person that.  He wants to see where your heart is and if you will give. Even when it comes to our dreams, are they just about us or will they benefit others. Your success is not just for you! We all want more, yet why would GOD give it to us just so we can keep it to ourselves.  We can’t expect what we aren’t willing to give! And as your giving don’t forget you because their is a misconception that self care is selfish but that’s absolutely not true.  Always give to yourself so that you will have something to give! And learn how to receive as well.  It’s always harvest time, I hope you have been sowing good seeds!

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