Grieving A Live Person


Grieving the loss of someone in your life who is still alive is the hardest. How can you understand a person that supposedly loves you and use to spend time with you yet for whatever reason they choose not to any more. When someone dies you know that person can no longer spend time with you in the physical but a live person that doesn’t make sense. However, we must grieve the loss just as we would a person’s death. In essence they are dead to you and they have made a choice not to be in your life. It hurts like a death, you battle with accepting it, you bargain(going back and forth), and you may even blame yourself. But at the end of the day in any relationship romantic or not it takes two. Don’t blame yourself or beat yourself up about it, accept the reality of where the relationship stands today, and move on!!! Especially when you have made several attempts to reach out to the person and your attempts are ignored and aren’t reciprocated. True friendship isn’t convenient nor is it one sided. If people want to be in your life they will show it and make time for you period!!!! We can’t keep making folks a priority in our life who only make us a option in theirs. Sometimes what you use to have with someone no longer exist and maybe what you thought you had with someone really didn’t exist in the first place. We have to realize maybe they are just not into us and that’s okay!!! Rejection is redirection, so I look at it as God’s way of removing what no longer needs to be in my life. Be encouraged and know that God doesn’t take without the intent to replace, so be on the look out for greater and better relationships!!!!