Happy Fall!!!


Fall is here!!! What a beautiful a season, from the colorful leaves to the cooler temperatures and everything in between.  When I think of Fall, I think of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, football games, a good book and a throw, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Fall Festivals, Apple Cider, hay rides, cabin trips, Thanksgiving, Turkey and Dressing, state fairs, daylight savings time ending, boots, Black Friday, the lightening of Christmas trees, cuddling, the smell of cinnamon, and harvest time.  Fall has so much to offer, there is something for everyone to enjoy!  Fall and Spring are transition seasons, they gradually introduce us to Winter and Summer.  Thank GOD, we don’t go right into the freezing cold or the sizzling heat.  Each season serves a purpose and they are all necessary.  So as much as I want to hold on to Summer and the image of me sitting on the beach, I will embrace and welcome the Fall season.  However, our GOD is so great that even when we are having Fall here, there is Summer somewhere else and there are still places warm enough for us to enjoy the beach.  Hope is still alive!lol  This is also harvest time for farmers they are able to reap and gather the matured crops from the seeds that were sown.  On a spiritual note, harvest time for us is also about reaping.  Reaping the rewards, the harvests from the seeds we have sown.  I pray that we have all sown some goods seeds in good soil!!!  I don’t know about y’all but I want mines!!!  I declare we will all reap a harvest!  This is due season!  I hope you are excited about Fall and what it will bring!  Lord whatever is in us that needs to be completed and matured, let it be done.  And as this season is about transition, I pray that we will also make the necessary transitions in our personal lives.  It may cost us to yield or shift, yet if we surrender and don’t fight it will be a smooth transition.  Get in your rightful place and stay in expectancy!  Take this season to slow down, process, receive, and prepare for Winter.  Enjoy this season with your family and friends.  Play with your kids and enjoy the festivities this Fall has to offer. I will be indulging in some of my favorite comfort foods and Fall treats, the key is moderation.  And ladies bring out those boots, cardigans, blazers, skirts, dresses, Fall accessories, and rock your Fall colors! Enjoy yourself!!!

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