Happy Mother’s Day!


What is a mother? I really can’t think of a simple definition, I’ll try my best. Mothers are super human, unselfish, and love unconditionally to name a few. We as mothers wear so many hats, we are teachers, counselors, cooks, nurses, taxicab drivers, maids, life coaches, and let our children tell it the bank(LOL).  I’m always puzzled when filling out a job application and they ask do you have any professional skills. I want to scream go figure, I’m a mother of three(LOL).  Moms are the most underpaid by society and many times frowned upon if they are a stay at home mom as if that’s not enough(LOL). The career women are also under paid and their male counterparts earn more, they have to juggle mother hood and their jobs.  Many times the companies don’t give sympathy when you have to call in because your child is sick or you need to leave early for your child’s school play. The job of a mother is one of the most important jobs you can have, you are responsible for another human being who was born with no instructions(LOL). Then on top of that society blames you if they don’t turn out right(LOL). Whew! The job of a mother is also one of the most rewarding! The smile on my children’s face when I make their favorite meal, make it to their game or concert, and when they accomplish their goals and I know I was apart of it no feeling is greater. Our children may try our patience at time, and give us attitude but there is no greater joy than being a mom. And at the end of the day when no else is their we have our children. They give us purpose, and they make us feel like we matter. I’m not saying it’s a easy job, the pay sucks, the hours are crazy, and the vacation time is few. However, the reward is so much greater! I want you to know you are important to your children, your family, and to the world this Mother’s Day! Anyone can be a mom but being a mother is so much more. I know some of you may be a foster mom, god mom, or maybe you have adopted children, gained children through marriage or a relationship, you could be a mentor or help out in the community and in your family with children you are indeed mothers. Even if you have loss a child involuntary or not, the fact that a child was in your womb at some point makes you a mom. Remember your angels this mother’s day and know that they forever live in your heart. I truly empathize with you as I have a an angel too. My heart also goes out to everyone who has loss a mom or someone who was like a mom to you, I know Mother’s Day isn’t easy for you. I pray you will have joy in the memories of your loved one and that peace will be yours. I’m also reminded that grief hits a lot of us during the holidays, I realize it may not just be a child or mom you have loss. Many are thinking of their husband, wife, sister, brother, dad, grandparent,etc. It could be a recent loss or one not so recent, and maybe this is the first holiday without them. My prayers are with you all! I hope that you can find a way to honor and remember them that will bring you comfort. To all the mothers I salute you, and please take some time for you. Find something you enjoy and do it! It could just be walk in the park, or bubble bath. You owe it to yourself!

GOD Bless,


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