During prayer this morning, I was thinking what are we doing with what we have and who we know,etc.  Are we using these resources to help others? GOD spoke to me and said its our obligation to do so.  It’s selfish to keep it to yourself, help somebody else climb their mountain. It doesn’t stop at I made it, and after all somebody helped you!!! Pay it forward!!! We are talented people, and we really have a lot to be grateful for. If we really took the time to help someone else reach their destiny, we would be farther along and we could do greater works, and ultimately we would reach ours. I know fear tells you, if I help they may surpass me.  Not true, it’s enough to go around.  GOD is overflow, he doesn’t run out.  We are the foot soldiers for our higher power, we are the physical servants! It’s so easy for us to become consumed with only what we need/want and that we forget the needs/wants of others.  You may be thinking I can’t help no one, I’m in need myself, I don’t enough money/resources, or the rich should do it all since they have the money.  Truth is everyone has the ability and the resources to help somebody in some capacity no matter what your situation is.  We must all do our part!!! Each day we are faced with countless opportunities to help, will you is the question???  Yesterday as I was running errands I thought about someone that has a need, so in each place of business I asked my contacts if they could be of service and they said yes. I was excited!!! It brings me joy to see the next person’s prayer answered just as it would mines.  Can’t you see if you take care of God’s people, he will surely take care of you!!!  We walk around and we say “favor ain’t fair” yet GOD is still no respect of person.  We are all his children!!!  What if I told you that even your favor ain’t just for you!!! GOD has placed us in some folks life just so they can get a glimpse of how he work and to show others who haven’t experienced his wonders and miracles what he can do.  The greatest physical example in my life of what is means to help has been my grandmother. She grew up poor, dropped out of school to work and help her mom.  She worked for thirty-five years in the kitchen at Grady Hospital until she retired.  Even her co-workers would rave about her and how helpful she was.  I have so many vivid memories of her helping somebody, she always was.  She would open her home for people in need of a place to stay, she would cook large amounts of food and feed people, she gave money, she gave clothing, she gave advice, she took care of the sick, she loved, she transported people, she did it with a smile, and even when people wronged her she didn’t try to get back at them.  She truly gave with no strings attached, the whole world didn’t know she gave/loaned you money or she did this or that for you.LOL  She kept it in confidence, which is something we lack today. I remember her folding a one hundred bill and placing it in my hands one day.  I didn’t ask her for it, she just blessed me with it and it was between us only.  I know she did similar for countless others.  She didn’t just help family, she helped everybody and you became family.  Even when she loaned money, she was ultimately giving it. Sometimes I would get mad, especially when I saw people getting over on her.  However, she didn’t.  She let GOD deal with that part, she continued being a giver, doing it with love and grace.  She would tell me “sometimes you have to right someone else wrong”  that had to grow on me.LOL  However, today I can understand it more.  My grandmother Queen Ann helped until she couldn’t anymore.  She was diagnosed years ago with Alzheimer’s and is now bed ridden.  I questioned GOD “how did such a beautiful, good person end up with such a cruel disease?” However, I know GOD is faithful and good.  We are blessed, not exempt from the troubles of this world.  And what we do on this earth is our legacy!!! What will people remember about you?  The thing that brings me comfort is knowing the seeds she sowed, the life she lived, and so when she does depart from this world I can rejoice knowing she will be resting with her heavenly father.  Our inheritance is on the other side!!! So ask GOD to give you wisdom and lead you into who to help and how!!!  Remember there are so many ways you can help from using your resources, who you know, giving a hug, showing love, taking time to listen to someone, using your talents and gifts, your time,etc.  Putting a smile on somebody face, making a person feel loved or valued, being a answer to somebody’s prayer, helping somebody reach their goals, helping somebody find their way, and just bringing sunshine into others lives is the reward.  And the more you give, the more you will receive.  GOD has to trust you!!! If he gives you much, are you going to give much, do much, and help much?  I think of Bill Gates and other wealthy people, yes they have a lot and they give a lot.  It’s the greatest principle to having more.  To whom much is given, much is required!!!  Open your hands and your heart to help and watch the blessings flow in your life. 


With Love,






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