How to love when it seems unbearable!


Truth is we are all flawed! We at some point will not meet someone’s expectations and at some point they won’t meet ours. Be gentle with yourself and others! Allow yourself and others some wiggle room! We can be quick to look at faults in others and not in ourselves.  I’ll start with me I know its things that I do that others don’t like and sometimes my family, my children, my boyfriend, and my friends may find me unbearable to love.  Maybe God feels the same way at times about me.(Lol) (JK) God loves us all unconditionally with flaws and all. What a wonderful world it would be if we loved on that level.  Wow that’s growth for me, I use to think it was just everyone else around me and I was perfect.  I challenge you today to find things in yourself and in others that you absolutely love and like. Then concentrate on those things instead of the flaws because no one is perfect not even ourselves.  You will start to look at yourself and people in a whole new light as you appreciate their strengths instead of concentrating on their short comings. Apply this also when learning to love yourself and in difficult relationships and marriages.  So when I think of my attitudinal teenager that tries my patience I will think of how thoughtful she can be, my son that can be quick tempered sometimes I will think of the sweet kisses and hugs he gives me especially when I’m feeling down, my grown child that I may not always see eye to eye with I will think of how she surprises me with an outfit from time to time because she knows I hardly buy myself anything, and my boyfriend that leaves the toilet seat up I will think of how he makes me feel special as if there was no other place he would rather be and how when I have an idea he makes it reality, and he’s my biggest cheerleader! Love someone day even if it seems unbearable! I promise its something that shines in them and maybe you are the one to show them!

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