I Surrender All!!!



Surrender to me means realizing that I’m powerless but that God isn’t.  It means trusting my higher power completely, asking his perfect will to be done in everything and not mines.  For me it also means not fighting the process but allowing it to be completed and embracing the season that I’m in.  Think of making a cake, before you get the finished product there are steps you must take to prepare it before you can bake it.  And once it’s in the oven you must let it bake without disturbing it!!!  If you do disturb before it’s time to come out, the cake will not be done. And who wants to start all over and bake another one?  Side note:  Sometimes we have to start over and we have to go through the process multiple times before truly being a finished product. Thank GOD for grace and new mercies!!! At 38 I’m questioning every aspect of my life from education, career, my passion, my purpose, and the relationships in my life.  After you have taken so many detours, chosen the wrong paths, took jobs just because of the company’s name, chose careers that made you valid or gave you validation from others, and held on to people that meant you no good, and have gone through the process multiples times you name it.  Your like I get the point, I got the memo, and I have several t-shirts, now let’s get this right this time.(LOL)  I don’t know about you but I’m ready to live my best life yet! I have really been praying and trusting GOD in the last past weeks even more, I specifically asked him to set up road blocks where I don’t need to go. So when obstacles arise or things don’t pan out like I think, I’m paying close attention instead of saying its the enemy.  As I travel down this road in my life I will trust GOD no matter how scary or dark the road may get, he’s the guiding light.  And if I let him guide I will be sure to reach my destination; my destiny!  Through it all, nothing can stop you or me with GOD by our side!!!







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  1. Happy Reading!!! Thanks for allowing me to release and share my thoughts with you. I hope my words bless you, please let me know what you think. Good night to all!

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