Staring in the mirror looking at my not so perfect self. Thinking I’ve got this unperfect ponytail and yes I know the word is imperfect I just like the sound of unperfect better, every gray hair isn’t dyed with color, my edges ain’t laid, and I really don’t feel like doing my hair. Yet this unperfect ponytail looks so beautiful to me even with my big forehead and dark circles around my eyes. My eyebrows that I like to get perfectly arched somehow look even more beautiful to me with their overgrowth and unruliness. Then I smile trying to get the perfect selfie realizing although I think my smile is beautiful it isn’t perfect because for one I have this overbite because after my mom paid thousands of dollars for me to wear braces I chose not to wear the retainer. Then I look at my skin that people are always telling me is beautiful and I think it’s beautiful too, yet I’m not fund of the uneven, higher pigmentation. And then I think to my self wow, my father, my God loves me Pass all of my imperfections even the inside ones that affect my character and behavior. I mean he loves this unperfect girl unconditionally.  Then I take a look back in the mirror and I say to myself “Girl I love you with your unperfect self” and then I think about love, beauty, and others.  And I say “love is beauty because it is flawed, beauty is beautiful because it is flawed, people are awesome because they are flawed, and even diamonds have flaws but they are beautiful”!!!!


Flawed Dunyell

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