Lessons of 2017


  1. Accept your reality and if you don’t like it create a new one.
  2. Stop going around 285, down 85, and 95 for folks who won’t even travel down 20 for you.(If you live in Georgia you know the interstates I’m referring to.Lol)
  3. Learn to say No because trust me people will tell you No in a heartbeat.
  4. It’s okay to change your mind and don’t worry about if it will hurt the other person’s feelings because they will change their mind and not worry about yours.
  5. Stick to your guns(your boundaries) professionally and personally because people will stick to theirs and genuine folks won’t fall off because of it instead they will respect your boundaries.
  6. It’s okay to not answer your phone or text messages after all how many people answer yours all the time??? You are busy just like them, you have problems just like them so surely they’ll understand.
  7. Guard your heart.
  8. Don’t change who you are because of toxic folks instead stop dealing with them.
  9. Embrace the people who embrace you, love the people who love you, and support the people who support you!!! Stop worrying about the folks who won’t and concentrate on who will.
  10. Trust yourself.
  11. Believe the reality of people and stop believing the fantasy of them.
  12. Go hard for yourself because no one else will.
  13. Make yourself a priority over everything else besides God, you can’t save no one else without saving yourself first.
  14. Let people figure their own life out, unless they ask your opinion or they are paying you as their Life Coach or Counselor. If I can get up and go to counseling they can too!!!
  15. Stop suppressing what you feel and tell people when they hurt you besides they will quickly tell you how you made them feel.
  16. Stop waiting on people when you want to do something whether it’s a concert, vacation, or dinner because if you do you will end up not going.
  17. Yes, you’ve been hurt a few times but give it’s okay to use wisdom and Love again.
  18. Save more money than you spend.
  19. Invest
  20. Make money doing multiple things.
  21. When you have down time, enjoy it because if you don’t you’ll regret it!!!
  22. Stop second guessing everything.
  23. Work on your own stuff before doing everything else.
  24. Take time for self care daily.
  25. Instead of giving so much to everybody else including your kids especially when you know they are taken care of, give more to yourself!!! You deserve it!!!
  26. Don’t waste your time.
  27. Teach people how to treat you.
  28. When people don’t appreciate you, do less.
  29. Stop going all out, sometimes less is more. Do what you can and let that be enough.
  30. Preserve your energy.
  31. Live because life is too short.
  32. Take time for the people you love because in a instance they can be gone.