My motto for 2018 is “Beat me there or meet me there, however if not I’ll be there.”  Life is too short to keep waiting on people or anything else. We have to live while we can!!!  I have missed so many opportunities to do various things waiting on people, making excuses, and just not taking advantage of opportunities when they presented themselves.  I’m reminded of something my Aunt did just days before her death, she took a trip to the casino which was one of her favorite places.  She had asked others if they would like to go along with her but when they said no she went by herself. What if she would have waited?  Last year I had a classmate to pass away and all I could think about was the times she reached out wanting us to get together. It never happened!!! I regret that I didn’t take the time to get with her.  We all have busy lives, and we all have stuff going on.  However, we must take time to do the things we love and we must take time for the people we love.  No one and nothing is guaranteed to us for forever.  It’s funny how when a person dies we suddenly have the time to go to their funeral and pay our respects to their loved ones but don’t you think people would love to see us do that while their living(food for thought). Live without regrets and live to the fullest, like a old friend use to say “we can sleep when we get to heaven.” I hope you live in 2018!!!