Marriage Equality!


Today the supreme court declared same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states.  America has made history! I understand there are mix reviews on this controversial issue and therefore I will not get into a political or religious debate.  I celebrate this victory with the LGBT community, and as our presidents says love wins!  At thirty-eight years old I have come to realize that my spirituality, my religious views, and my moral beliefs are mines not everybody’s.  America is full of diversity in every aspect and you can choose to act like it doesn’t exist or open your eyes.  You don’t have to understand or like someone’s choice to love or marry the same sex. However I do feel we must love, respect, and accept that this is their choice, their truth. Yes I’m a christian, and I don’t want anyone to tell me who I can love. And as a mature christian I realize that even the bible isn’t in its purest form because it has been handled by man. That’s why I pray, I research, and I discern. Whenever I pray about the topic of homosexuality GOD simply tells me to love and that is what I will do. I will leave the judging up to him, and Lord knows we all have some stuff in our life that doesn’t line up with our beliefs. I believe there is no condemnation in Christ and I feel we aren’t under the law but under grace. When I think of this sensitive issue we face I think of the story in the bible where they wanted to stone the woman for adultery and because no one was without sin they couldn’t through the first stone. And even further everybody don’t believe being a homosexual is a sin or a choice. You can’t make a person believe what you believe! I have gay friends who are great people and they are great parents. Being a bad parent doesn’t equal gay. There are tons of bad parents who aren’t gay and there are children raised by heterosexual parents who raise kids that turn out to be gay.  And sometimes its so easy to point the finger and give your opinions until the issue hits home.  I have had friends cry almost in my arms wishing they could just be straight. We need to stop all hate, and spread love! We will never overcome anything with hate and it certainly isn’t the Christian way. You can agree to disagree however you don’t have to be rude and nasty. I stand in love with the LGBT community today! Peace be with you! Truth is freedom! Live your truth!



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