mindset1I was pondering on the topic “Mindset” on yesterday.  Our mind is the control center,  every thought, behavior, action, and intention starts there.  Therefore, whatever we want to change, accomplish, or improve in our lives we must first start by changing our thinking.  Yes, we are spiritual beings in a human body having a human experience.  However, its just that a experience.  The physical, the flesh has its benefits but we must tap into our true identity; our spirit.  The spirit is what we should be feeding!!!  It is in that place we can begin to think, act, accomplish, and live the abundant life GOD has promised us.  Feeding our flesh only makes us become more adapted to this world and it limits our thinking to the natural.  We believe in GOD, and we quote the scriptures.  Yet when problems or dreams come we concentrate on what we see in the natural and in our own ability to solve it or make it come true.  We become defeated, we give in, we give up, all because our minds can’t conceive it. However, the word according to Romans 12:2 says “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of GOD.” How much clearer can GOD be?  Whatever you are going through, whatever you are in need or want of, whatever you are believing GOD for, you must change your mindset today!!!  You can’t phantom what a spiritual, super natural, all powerful GOD can do with a critical, skeptical, limited, natural mind.  Just think about the human body, the oceans, and all the wonders of this world just to name a few.  These existed before man and technology was created, they were formed by our Creator.  You can’t begun to figure out how he created you, created a woman’s body to carry a child, created the oceans, the creatures in it, the falls, canyons, animals, flowers, you name it.  You can’t even wrap your mind around it!  So stop trying! Just know if he did all of that, he can do anything! Change your mindset, Believe, expect it to happen, ask GOD what role he wants you to play in it, do that, leave the rest up to him, and wait for it to manifest.  Stop doubting, you serve a Disney, Super Hero, King of Kings, I am that I am, kind of GOD.  Shut the enemy, the haters,  the spectators, the old mind, and the doubters down!!!  Your Abba Father, Your Daddy got you!!! I encourage you to change your mindset today, and keep a positive attitude and outlook no matter how it may look in the natural!  I’m expecting to hear some praise reports from you all this week! Thanks to my dear friend who encouraged me the other day and inspired me to write on this topic.

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  1. I agree 100%! Our God is a great & mighty God; He does miracles so Great! There is No One Else like Him!When we pray & we really & truly believe, God will work things out for us! MY POINT:It’s one thing to pray & have others for you, but IT’S ANOTHER THING TO BELIEVE IN YOUR HEART!!AMEN….

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