Motivation Monday


Good morning!!!  I’m happy to be on my soapbox this morning doing what I love, writing and inspiring!  I have already shut the enemy down  because he didn’t want me writing this morning.  I woke up feeling some kind of way as my good friend would say.  I prayed, yet I was still concentrating on the problems instead of my blessings.  I’m learning lately even in my conversations with others to vent less and get to talking about the solutions.  Therefore, real quick my feeling some kind of way really comes from me over-functioning in my parenting, my relationship, and in other areas.  I’m a slight control freak, and when I get tired I keep going instead of taking a time out.  I just saw “War Room” on Friday, great movie!  The movie talks about having a strategy in our war against the enemy because truth be told people aren’t the real enemy, its Satan.  He disguises himself in our kids, relationships, friendships, marriages, and even in us.  We can’t fight Satan in flesh because he’s a spirit so why do we argue, fuss, and fight with people instead of dealing with the real enemy and in the right way which is “Prayer”.  Fight on your knees in prayer and make yourself a prayer closet in your home if you don’t have one already.  I had just saw the movie which was confirmation and then came tests.  God was speaking to me the whole time saying just pray, and stop fighting with your words. Yet I resisted, and where did that leave me.Lol  You guessed it, feeling some kind of way! The definition of Resistance according to Webster,  is refusal to accept something new or different, effort made to stop or to fight against someone or something, or the ability to prevent something from having an effect.  Are you guilty of any of this? I am.  Resistance is fear based which we know is not from GOD because he hasn’t given a spirit of fear but of power and a sound mind. Do we fear prayer won’t work or it’s not enough?  Or are we just refusing to do things in a new way?  We even show resistance when it comes to our passions and dreams?  I think we fear that weren’t capable. Which is a lie from Satan, GOD has given us everything to execute it.  The biggest thing is we have to surrender all, we either want GOD to handle it or not.  We have to learn to “Let Go and Let God.”  Prayer is the most powerful and freeing thing that you can do!!! Especially when it relates to others, we can’t change people. Trust me I have several t shirts in that area.  All we can do is pray! When there is action that needs to be taken besides prayer, GOD will show you!  I’m there this morning so tired of the old insanity doing the same thing expecting different results.  I refuse to live my life waiting on Friday and a quick two day weekend.  I will enjoy this Monday, it’s a new day, and the beginning of a new week.  I encourage you to refocus, and start over if you fell off the wagon like me.  You can always start over!  Yes, Monday already comes with errands, work, grocery shopping, my son’s football practice,etc etc.  However, you can’t do it all! I’m sure your Monday comes with numerous tasks as well.  Take time to pray, meditate, and take some deep breaths before you start your day. Prioritize your to do list, so what if you don’t do it all today, Praise yourself for what you do get done, take timeouts when needed, pray throughout your day, remember its your day so don’t let anyone steal your joy, when you need to rest do so, and don’t forget to do some self care.  You have got to make an appointment with yourself, and it should be your number one priority right after GOD!  Also make yourself a gratitude list and when problems arise pull it out.  Lastly mind your own business, I’m speaking to myself as well.  My book, my foundation, and all my dreams are waiting on me and so are yours!!! If we invest the energy and time we do on others we would be farther along.  Get started today, make your weekly goals and get it done! I declare that everyone will have a great Monday, great week, and that both will be productive!  I can’t wait to hear your weekly praise reports!

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