My Weight Loss Journey!

shutterstock_770092121First off I miss you all, I did a fast from my blog and social media. I came back to social media last Sunday and back to my blog today. I needed to regain focus, get some mental clarity, and strengthen my spiritual connection.  During my fast I was praying, reading, and meditating more.  I had already started my weight loss journey which I wrote about in my blog titled “Just Start” by doing simple things like increasing my water intake, exercising, and making healthier choices.  My weight loss journey was prompted after I had my physical exam a month ago.  The doctor kept saying you need to loose weight.  He kept repeating it over and over as if I didn’t hear him the first  I followed up with him last week, and I had lost 8 lbs.  I started the military diet on Wednesday after being challenged by my daughter. My boyfriend also joined along and we all finished our three days yesterday. Yay we all lost weight! Daughter 10 lbs, Boyfriend 12 lbs, and me 6 lbs!  Today I started the Paleo diet, I will see how this goes. I love the recipes and meal plans they have for Paleo. My daughter started juicing today, she made a green juice out of lemon, apple, and Kale.  I must say it was good!  My boyfriend made a pomegranate smoothie and it was delicious! I’m so happy to see myself and my loved ones making healthier choices, trying new things, and most importantly taking better care of our bodies.  I’m also researching the blood type diet and trying to stay away from foods that aren’t good for my blood type.  I don’t think there is no one size fit all diet, you really have to experiment and see what your body responds to best. I have also switched to Alkaline water, it really does make you feel better. Probiotics and digestive enzymes are also helpful especially if you have digestion issues like me.  Let me know what diets, supplements, and exercises  are working for you! And please share your recipes.  This journey isn’t always easy but its necessary!  The right foods and exercise are great for our body, they combat and prevent a lot of illnesses. I’m excited about feeling better and getting my body to a healthy weight! I will also work on getting my proper sleep, reducing my stress, self care, and meditating more which are all vital to optimum weight loss.

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