Pain demands attention!!!  We live in a world where self medicating is popular because no one wants to feel it.  We pop pills, do drugs, overeat, drink alcohol, have sex, gamble, shop, over work ourselves, play video games,etc to numb the pain. Don’t get me wrong some of the behaviors I named are fine when done in a healthy fashion and not used as a vice.  We all have a drug of choice that makes our pain go away temporarily or helps us to cope with it.  If pain demands attention why do want a quick fix?  We must realize that pain is just a symptom of a diagnosis or a underlined problem.  The drug of choice only alleviates the pain for a moment, and you have to keep taking it when the pain arise.  Then when that drug stops working its on to the next one.  Why don’t we want to find the real cause of the pain and fix it? Wouldn’t it be better to eliminate the pain all together? The problem is we don’t have patience, we don’t want to go through the process, and we don’t want to feel the pain. It’s necessary to feel the pain to properly heal!  Depression, addictions, wanting to hurt yourself or someone else, low self-esteem, obesity, jealousy and envy, and staying in toxic realtionships are some indicators that you are in pain.  I encourage you today to pay attention to your pain and seek the proper help to get to the root so it can be destroyed.  I have and although the journey isn’t easy, I’m worth it!  Pain can also be good in many instances without pain we wouldn’t know when our body is in trouble or when its time for a child to be born. Pain also acts as a protector because if we didn’t have senses that felt pain we would walk on sharp objects, touch fire, or anything else that would cause pain. Then there is emotional pain which is a deep pain that we feel on the inside, and even that pain can be good. Emotional pain is an indicator of what we are feeling and it lets us know when aren’t being treated properly or when we treat someone else wrong. Therefore we don’t want to eliminate all pain because it also works as our body’s natural defense.  Without pain we would stay in relationships that are toxic and abusive, we wouldn’t go to the hospital at the onset of an heart attack, we wouldn’t know things were broken physically and emotionally, and we wouldn’t have the wisdom to stay away from certain things or certain experiences that would cause pain.  I think our higher power also uses pain to refine us, to get our attention, to be still, to get us to spend time with him, and to protect us from more pain. If a beautiful, precious baby can be birthed out of pain think of all the other miracles that can come from pain.  You are one miracle that came out of pain, so if you are in pain today I encourage you to birth out some great things even in your pain!!!

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