Peace Or Point


I was thinking sometimes keeping your peace is greater than making your point!!! I was having a conversation the other day with a person who was furious about what another person said to them. They even went back to something this person had done to them in the past. In that moment my flesh started to rise!!! I wanted to say so you get the right to be mad about something from your past but I can’t. I mean clearly if I used this person’s example of what they were offended by maybe they would finally understand my point as it relates to a past hurt of mines. And hopefully they could understand that everything isn’t that easy to move on from even if you’ve forgiven the person. Then I heard that voice of reason that said “Dunyell is it worth your peace to make a point.” I thought to myself absolutely not!!! In this situation I had to also realize who I was dealing with and this is a person who has showed me time and time again that they aren’t capable of showing me empathy (basically validating my feelings). If I would have chosen to say something, it would have just been that expecting nothing in return. And since I’ve already explained my feelings to that person it’s no need to keep repeating it. I’m thankful for the people in my life who I can have those deep conversations with, who can show empathy, and who can take responsibility for their actions. I pray God will send us more healthy relationships in 2018!!! Remember Peace or Point as you’re dealing with people on a daily basis!!!

God Bless