Praying for Charleston!!!


I’m saddened today by the news that nine people were killed in a senseless hate crime at a place of worship where people attend to seek comfort, peace, and spiritual growth.  You think of church as a place of refuge and safety never imagining it would be a place of violence.  Among the nine dead is Senior Pastor Clementa C. Pinckney of Emanuel AME.  This church is a place of rich African American history founded during a time when black churches were outlawed in Charleston, rebuilt after the civil war, then destroyed by an earthquake in 1886, and finally rebuilt in 1891 according to Wikipedia.  Emanuel AME Church has had its share of adversities but this is the most tragic and horrific one. I stand in prayer, love, peace, and solidarity with you Charleston, Emanuel AME Church Family, and all loved ones of the victims.  Please know that the nation mourns with you as we all seek answers and solutions.  Hate has to stop!!! Love conquers all!!! I know that Pastor Pinckney and all of the victims would want the church to continue on in acts of service and faith. Charleston’s nickname is the Holy City! Prayer is powerful, so I leave with you an heartfelt prayer from me via video. I ask that everyone take a moment today and pray for Charleston!



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