I hope everyone is having a good night, I’m just sitting here pondering on my week and weekend.  Today I became emotionally overwhelmed one because my daughter was leaving off for college today, I’m also still grieving, and I was pondering on a little incident that happened.  Well thank GOD my daughter texted me and said that she made it safely.  I’m praying that she will have a great year and thanking GOD in advance for graduation in May!!! I’m learning to live with grief and understand that its not all bad, if anything it lets me know that I’m not numb and I’m in tune with my feelings.  I say little incident that happened because compared to all the great things that happened this week and this weekend; the good outweighed the bad.  And when I think of the prayers I prayed at the beginning of this week and I asked GOD specifically for certain things to take place for my 15y/o daughter’s birthday and he did just that and more.  GOD is something great, something awesome!!!  My daughter had almost thirty people to come out and celebrate her 15th birthday on last night and then there were presents, cards,etc.  What a blessing! There were also unexpected blessings, phone calls, texts, Facebook bday wishes and an abundance of love shown.  Last night was another reminder of how blessed me and my children are to be surrounded and supported by people who genuinely love us.  My heart is still melting and I know my daughter’s is too.  I wanted her birthday to be extra special because of her grandmother and grandfather no longer being here .  This was the 2nd year without her grandpa Joe being here to celebrate her special day, and the 1st birthday without her grandmother Mel who died earlier this year. I know they both were smiling from heaven!  I even had a friend to stop this morning and bless my daughter with a gift and then we talked and talked; what a blessed conversation. Then I was blessed to talk with my cousin this evening who always imparts wisdom in me when we talk and she does the same with my children.  Outside of my daughter’s birthday I realize how very blessed I am, I have spiritual sound people in my life who I talk to regularly, sometimes,etc and they check on me, text me, call me, spend time with me, speak life into me, and most importantly pray for me.  I had to think on these things because the enemy wanted me to concentrate on the little incident, and things in my life that I viewed as problems.  GOD is greater than the little incident, and all my problems.  I keep saying the word “little” because as you begin to shift your thinking to the goodness of GOD the other stuff becomes little.  The incident and the problems loose their impact.  Even my 15y/o daughter came to be and said “mom that one thing tried to put a damper on my birthday but when I started to think of all the good things that happened that one little thing became minor.” I hope this helps someone tonight it certainly helped me.  Stop letting the enemy still your joy by concentrating on the minor, GOD is Major!!! Your blessings are greater than your problems!!!

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