Sharing really is caring! I was in my kitchen looking at a pack of red velvet cupcakes that my 14 y/o daughter bought last Friday with her allowance.  She had hid them behind the dish drain and there was only a half of one cupcake eaten.  The word sharing popped in my thoughts and my inner voice started.  I immediately knew it would be my next blog. Like most of us she bought something she liked and said mine, mine.  Now don’t get me wrong its nothing wrong with buying yourself a special treat just for you.  However, she could have bought a single cupcake. It would have been less money and less waste.  Or she could have shared and others could have indulged in the delicious treats. The money and the cupcakes wouldn’t have been wasted.  I certainly learned a lot from this lesson.  How many times on a daily basis do we waste? We should be sharing our ideas, food, love, talents, gifts, wealth, knowledge, things, testimonies, wisdom, and what we have an abundance of.  We literally take things to the grave with us and at that point its no use to anyone.  We should be sharing our ideas and building with others.  Maybe you have a vision and sharing it with the right person could make it a reality .  Or it could be that your vision is so big that you need to partner with others. We have to pay it forward, we can’t just get to our destiny and forget about helping someone make it to theirs.  After all you didn’t get there by yourself or did you forget?  Its too many of us with food that people should be hungry, are you the extreme couponer donate some of your goods to people in need, and if you don’t have an abundance of food to give away you still can feed someone.  Invite a family over for dinner maybe they need some food and company, make a smaller dish of what you make and take it to a relative or friend, or take a meal to widower.  Love, everyone needs it so share it daily!   You may have the gift or talents to help someone, they are gifts and talents meant to be used so why are you not sharing them?  Wealth, yes we are supposed to share our money too.  Greed is my biggest pet peeve!   We all want big accounts with money overflowing and investments with great returns.  You still can’t take it with you and when you die someone else will inherit it. We were placed here to be servants, we wouldn’t have anything without GOD.  Its people out here who don’t have big accounts, investments, a house, and they can’t afford the things you may feel are a given like food and clothing.  Everybody can’t afford to take their children on a summer vacation, or afford some fancy summer camp. Use your wealth to help someone else, invest in somebody dreams, give someone the experiences you are afforded. Knowledge is power, and we perish because of the lack of it.  Someone needs your knowledge!  Share your things with others, some are just collecting dust and somebody needs it.  Why waste your experiences? Your testimonies are yours but they are for someone else.  People need to hear them, they need to know someone has went through the vary thing they are going through. They need a real life example and your it!  Your wisdom is valuable and the world is waiting for you to share your words of wisdom.  What if my shero Maya Angelou never shared her wisdom, we would be missing something.  Her words have helped me in so many ways and inspired me to write.  And there are countless others that without their wisdom we would be at a great loss.  We have got to come out of the mine, mine mentality and the crab bucket mentality.  We need to stop hating on each other, and love on each other.  It’s enough out here for everybody, so don’t let the fear of someone else getting more than you or ahead of you  stop you from sharing.  If we want to progress individually and collectively we have to share.  We are not in a race or competition. We are all human beings in the pursuit of happiness!!!

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  1. That is exactly how we get things accomplished by being connected with each other. Yummy to red velvet cupcakes…

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