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My blog today is inspired by a gentlemen I knew, I just learned of his passing this morning. He had been on my mind especially because I knew he was sick, I wanted to check on him and remind him of a meeting instead I got this news from his wife.  He was a very spiritual man who always talked about the Lord Jesus Christ, he would pass out poems, flyers, etc related to his faith. Even in his sickness he never really complained instead he would give you an encouraging message. This was an elderly guy however he was young in spirit always helping the community, his church, and serving others.  What a legacy to leave behind, I can only hope mines will be as great. I know he’s resting in paradise, and I have no doubt. The point is we must take time out to love just as this gentlemen did, we were put here to serve others. Death is something we will all experience however we  don’t know when, I learn each time someone passes how important it is to take time out to love because you never know how much time you or the next person has. If its something you want to do for someone or yourself don’t delay! Life is precious and short! Yesterday I was so busy, and I heard a voice say take time out to love. I stopped what I was doing and played with my children, I took the little one to the playground, played basketball with my son and my love, and played soccer with my daughter. I saw the smiles on their faces, and I had a even bigger smile. I have no idea how to play basketball(LOL) and it didn’t matter. They were just happy spending time with me, and that’s what people want.  The memory created was special and we will never forget it.  I know we all live hectic lives in this stressful world but if you knew you were leaving today or a loved one was your agenda and priorities would change. You know the old phrase “Live each day like its your last” this is the attitude you must have. For me it means live on purpose, treat each encounter with your loved one as if it could be the last, let the people who matter in your life know they matter, forgive quickly, and most of all love. I learned that lesson when my father passed last June, if I only knew he was leaving us that soon I would have told him so much and did so much with him. I often think about how busy we are however when someone dies we make time to attend the funeral, wake, and visit their home.  Flowers are so much better when you can smell them!  I encourage you today to play with your children, call someone, visit a loved one, spend time with somebody, and don’t forgot yourself you need love too so carve out some me time. Take time out to love!!!

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