Time is inevitable! Meaning you can’t avoid it, the sun will set and rise, and the clock will keep on ticking whether you do anything or not.  Therefore, since time doesn’t stop you might as well do something with your time.  What will it be? Work, play, household projects, spending time with family/friends, shopping, prayer, exercise, rest, meditation, cooking, reading, walking, or doing something that puts you closer to your dreams. Make a decision each day as to how you will spend your time and always remember to carve out some time for you. Self care is essential so you don’t get burned out and depleted.  Make a list the night before or before you start your day and prioritize. The things that are most important on your list are the first things you should tackle and categorize according to priority. If you don’t get the whole list done include them on the next day’s list.  Don’t panic, take breaks, and ask for help if you need it!!! Yes there are people that will help if you ask!  And notice I included rest as a thing to do because most of us don’t get enough and our bodies need it.  Whatever you do just don’t continue to let time slip on by without being conscious of it and having a plan as to how you will spend your time. Ask the question daily what am I doing with my time? If you don’t like the answer change it.  Time is precious and valuable, so spend it wisely!  Don’t waste it on foolishness, negative people, negative thoughts, negative energy, and anything that will not bring you life!  Spend your time engaging with people and things that speak life and health, that will make you better, and that will help you become the person you want to be.  Time waits for no one and we don’t have all the time in the world! What are you doing with your time???

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    1. I completely understand, I need to take more time to relax and have fun too. I’m a fixer, and I’m always trying to fix.lol
      Thanks for commenting!

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