Unexpected Blessings



Sometimes we become so busy that we don’t notice the unexpected blessings in each day. Our minds are clouded and all we can think about are the big tickets items that we are waiting to see and so the little blessings go unnoticed. However, even the little things are greater than we think. Yesterday I was out looking for gyms to join, I wanted to find a gym that was covered by my insurance.  I went to Planet Fitness first and fell in love with the massage table but they were not a approved gym under my healthcare plan.  I called my insurance company to find out what gyms were on the list. The representative informed me that my old gym Anytime Fitness was still on the list, and LA Fitness had been added. My boyfriend said “you can’t top LA Fitness” I didn’t hear him, the representative or the fact that GOD had sent me an unexpected blessing at the time. I asked the rep how could Planet Fitness be added to their list, she said you can nominate them so I did. Then she stated if they get added to the list of approved gyms you can change your membership over to them. I still decided to go visit my old gym, wasting a trip, and gas. Afterwards I went to LA Fitness to take  a tour and got so caught up in a person’s attitude who worked there that I still didn’t see the blessing. I got home and I was reading a young lady’s post on Face Book about unexpected blessings, yet it still didn’t hit me.  After prayer this morning and dropping my son off to school, I heard GOD say “unexpected blessing”.  At that moment I realized wow what a unexpected blessing, first off its a blessing to have insurance that covers a gym membership at no cost to me, then on top of that LA Fitness the Mercedes of gyms, and my membership is free. I immediately thought back to when I would ride pass there wishing I could join that gym and couldn’t afford it, still can’t afford it but look at GOD! I started to shout and praise him!!! GOD spoke to me and said don’t miss the blessing worrying about who work there and what couple of things they don’t have. They are the cream of the crop, you go in there with authority you will change the atmosphere, and I can add whatever features I want to that gym. Then he said and the other gym will get nominated so if you just want to go there you can in the near future. Y’all don’t miss your blessings! I promise you there are unexpected blessings in each day stop and notice them. If we want the big ticket items we got to be thankful for the little ticket items , and truth be told the they are still big! Be blessed today, I hope this messages encourages you! And remember if GOD can do this, he can do that! Who knows what’s around the corner! The unexpected blessings will be better and greater than you hoped for, this is just one story GOD has showed me on so many occasions what he can do.








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